Friday, August 10, 2007

One Ring Rules Them All?

It always fascinates me seeing somebody with a wedding ring, especially when he or she's into a demanding world of journalism. I wonder how they strike a balance between “work” and family affairs.

Do they wake up in the middle of the night to check on their cute lil angel (or their “Lady Killer”) or they’re still up because they have a deadline to beat?

Being away for days or weeks because of an assignment is a real killer. How do they cope with such pressure? They are way too far from home, risking their limbs and missed their baby’s first step.

It feels like magic to me, a total mystery…or maybe it’s just the ring.


Cris Sevilla said...

Kaninong kamay yun?? Hindi ko mahulaan. Anyway, I totally agree. Minsan iniisip ko kung magkaka-asawa pa ako. Or magkakaanak. To think, hindi naman ako fulltime photojournalist. Pero mahirap makahanap nang nakaka-relate o nakakaintindi sa mga trip mo. Sa isang inuman nga, tinanung ko yung mga ser "as a photojournalist, how do you stay married?" eh iba yung mga sagot eh. basta daw itago sa mga misis ang photos ng kung anu-anong "extra curricular activites". magdelete daw ng files bago umuwi. hahahaha

Gigie Cruz said...

let me make a guess... Nonie 'to. tama ba?

hulagway said...

yes si Idol Nonie yan! It takes one to know one ba Gie? Hehehehehe

wag ka nang mag-isip!Hahahaha mahirap talaga ng ganung set-up.

Growing up (as opposed to growing old hahahaha) with tatay is a roller coaster ride but it also made us see life in a more hollistic/wholistic way. Something that is not written in our texbooks. :)

kitoy said...

cris...kantahin mo tong line na to...

:"mahahanap din kita..." Nasan ka by Pupil heheh

toto, pangita sang masudlan singsing heheh

hulagway said...

hehehehe mao imo e.

ngano singsing man gud ba!

hulagway said...

stupid me...i accidentally rejected nonie's comment.

he said...It's all about time management. He wakes up early and cook breakfast for his wife and kid.

Sorry again idol Nonie!

ossie said...

coolness. haha. not bilbo's for sure.

renee said...

With a supportive wife hehehehe and undemanding and understanding kids (like the five Tatay Joey had) any male journalist can manage a career and family. With lady journalist...? hmmmm it is doubly difficult but not impossible. MADUGONG USAPIN nga lang!