Thursday, August 16, 2007

Feel At Home (Bahay Mo Ba To?!)

One evening, I went to McGregor's Cafe to meet one of my sources. The coffee shop is a hotspot and most of all, it's free! (yeah unlike St*rb*cks). McGregor became an instant hit to business people, yuppies, med reps who does their reports, students (including Kitoy) and foreign germs eeerr I mean foreigners.

I don't have issues with these **"Balikatan" guys until this guy in photo went inside the shop and made it look like it's his living room.

My friend who's with my Nanay can't help it but give a short comment and say, bahay mo ba to?!

I said to myself, these Westerners already colonized us, slowly killing our local market and now somebody is turning a local coffee shop into his own living room.

**Balikatan- nope!Not the military exercise between AFP and US military personel, but foreigners who are looking for a Filipina lover.


ossie said...

burikatan** how sad.

hulagway said...

sooner or will be.

renee lozano said...

its none of your business! if mc gregor doesnt mind...never mind!


chelsea said...

but isnt that the point of every establishment, to make their customers feel at home? but then again, iba iba kasi tayo ng definition ng "feel at home." meron yung iba, mahihiya to just let go of their inhibitions and just sprawl all over the place, while yung iba, walang pakialam.